A new generation of hospital management software has arrived

Unumed's Hospital Management System offers EHR, full financial management, telemedicine, specialist information systems (including Laboratory and Radiology sub systems), AI, real-time analytics and much more, all in one complete system. Unumed HMS is the world’s only true cloud native HMS, bringing the unprecedented performance that you have been waiting for.

Unumed is an all-in-one Hospital Management System that enables optimized hospital management and improves delivery of healthcare services

Unumed offers the world's only true cloud-native Software-as-a-Service HMS, which brings unparalleled benefits.

Dramatically faster system implementation combined with the lowest risk and lowest internal cost

Unumed's highly configurable software combines flexibility with rapid deployment.  Gone are the days of heavy hardware costs and complex installations.

Powerful and intuitive user experience

Improving patient outcomes by making it fast to do the right thing, users immediately experience the difference.

Always updated with zero downtime

Our cloud-native architecture ensures that upgrades are seamless with no downtime (and updates are included in the subscription fee).

Optimized hospital management with real-time analytics

Unumed end-to-end HMS (EHR + ERP) enables customizable real-time dashboards and reports for actionable clinical and business insights.

Ready for the future

A truly future-ready system, easily integrating new technology with microservices. Reconfigurable, scalable, and adapting fast to changing needs.

Stay secure and compliant

Regulations on data protection and storage change frequently in healthcare. Unumed HMS helps you to be always in compliance, including with all local regulations.

Unumed is developing a new AI system to help detect critical lung and heart diseases faster.

Unumed, in collaboration with the National Hospital of Denmark and Copenhagen University, is developing a new system based on artificial intelligence to help radiologists analyze and prioritize the many thousands of chest X-rays that are taken daily in Denmark. Announced in September 2020, the project has been awarded a grant of $2.2m from The Innovation Fund Denmark via its prestigious Grand Solutions program.

Unumed is excited to be part of this project, and for the recognition of its world-class skills in AI applied to healthcare, as well as its commitment to integrate advanced technology safely into the daily hospital workflow. Unumed plans further partnerships and collaborations in this field in other geographies where it operates.

Danish Department of Computer Science
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Unumed enables all hospitals to deliver better clinical and financial outcomes.

Unumed’s cloud-native HMS ensures better clinical and financial outcomes by setting a new standard for ease of deployment, user experience, and actionable insights from data.

With one highly configurable system, it is both eminently flexible and scalable.

Achieve peace of mind by having a system that is easier to manage, more cost-effective and more reliable, all while being effortlessly up to date and compliant. Both now and in the future.

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Say goodbye to long and complex HMS installations. Say hi to a new standard of business insight, fast deployment, and modern user experience.